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A 100 Day Project is a big thing—no matter if you’re doing it for the 1st, 2nd or 7th time. And we know that doing it together with other people makes it so much forking better, funner, and stickier (the art of sticking to things).

We run a Discord server for people doing a 100 Day Project. We’re all on our own 100 Day Project journey. All intentionally doing something creative for 100 days. But we’re doing it together. It’s a place where can you share what you’re working on (and be seen). It’s where you can adapt what and how you do things because you receive feedback, get answers to your questions, and glean insights and inspiration from what others share.

Come join us. Tap that “Join the community” button below. You don’t have to own The Perfect 100 Day Project book, have taken The Perfect 100 Day Project course, or be doing The 100 Day Project. If you’re like, “What the fork is a 100 Day Project!?” come and see. It’s free.  All you need* is the desire to create.

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* You will need to download Discord. It’s like Slack or Whatsapp. But better.

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