The 100 Day Project

The is italicised because all The 100 Day Project is, is an annual version of a 100 Day Project that gets done by a whole bunch of people. And it’s rad! Because there’s so many people doing it all at the same time. There are official Q&A sessions, there’s a Facebook group, and thousands of people are sharing, and struggling, and going through this life changing journey together.

But all that may not be what you want. Or maybe you want to do your 100 Day Project right now. And The 100 Day Project may not be running right now. Or it may be half-way through. Or you may want to plan exactly when you do it each year, and not rely on someone else choosing the date. Whatever the reason, you don’t have to wait for The 100 Day Project to start before you start your 100 Day Project. But if you’re about to start, and The 100 Day Project is about to begin, I’d suggest you join the masses and do it with them!

The 100 Day Project 2022 starts on February 13. Join me in our Discord community and do it together.

Below are all things The 100 Day Project.

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